Tips to Stay Safe at Demolition Site

Tips to Stay Safe at Demolition Site


During a demolition of a structure or building, health and safety is the number one priority. These are a few helpful tips to stay safe while working at a demolition site.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – The PPE consists of 5 main safety items that requires to be worn at all times. PPE contributes to gloves, hard hat, safety glasses, Jacket, and Boots. Wearing all these safety items provides safety to the workers.
  • Training, Qualification and Experience – Before one becomes a demolition expert, they need to undergo some training and do a certified course. Getting a certificate is necessary that will help them to get their license.
  • Monitoring – Although a valid certificate is required before one becomes a demolition contractor, they also need to monitor environmental safety. That’s because demolition of a building involves various dust particles and debris falling all over the site. Along with the debris, a lot of noise and vibration gets created. This leads to an issue to the near-by residents.
  • Cleanliness – Demolition sites requires cleaning to be done all the time. This way the site must remain clean for the health safety of the workers.

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