My Quick Clickbank University Review

My Quick Clickbank University Review

It's a popular training resource, but is Clickbank University really any good?  What's included and what are the alternatives?  In this short review I aim to answer those questions.

Clickbank University is a complete program for learning about affiliate marketing – it's mainly aimed at beginners, but those with some limited to intermediate knowledge of online advertising may benefit from it as well.  It includes a series of courses on affiliate marketing and a separate course on building your own products and getting affiliates to promote them for you.

Probably the best feature is that it's built by Clickbank, the affiliate network for beginners to the industry – and is therefore effectively the official training resource for those just getting started.

There are, however, alternatives to Clickbank University.  The most popular is called Wealthy Affiliate and it's been around for much longer – it was set up in 2005.  It's a huge resource, that includes tutorials and support from the founders and their online community.  It's not very focussed though and it's easy to get lost, so for beginners I'd probably recommend Clickbank University over Wealthy Affiliate.  

In the end though, both Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank University are good resources that include everything a beginner to affiliate marketing needs to know to start earning money online.

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