How To Take a Screenshot on Windows 10?

How To Take a Screenshot on Windows 10?

Several solutions provided to make images, photos, and screenshots of the computer screen. Windows 10 possess an easy tactic to take the image compared to early versions of Microsoft Windows.

What is a Screenshot?

A screengrab is a pic of the entire computer screen or some portion of computer screen. It is actually a photo of the overall screen. It is easy to give away to some others with minimal size of photos. Follow this link for further detail:

Purposes of Screenshots

A screen shot has multiple purposes. In fact, a screengrab makes it possible you to escape web sites that block duplicating. You can publish information about difficulties by capturing images of problems. Taking screengrabs are required to show step by step instructions.

Take Images

Windows 10 makes this extremely easy to get screenshots. Just take the monitor shot of the computer screen and stored it as a picture file. Screenshots would be stored to this destination by default while you press the Windows + Print Screen PrntScr buttons on the keyboard altogether.


Screenshots will be quickly stored in Pictures directory.

Snipping Tool

Since the launch of Windows Vista, Snipping tool is integrated Windows to take screenshots, it is easy to capture Images of any active window or overall display of the screen. You can modify screen images and put notes to the screengrabs. Type “Snipping Tool” within the start menu search bar. With Snipping Tool, you can grab screen images in a variety of modes like rectangular, full-form, free-form etc. But you need to save the screenshot manually on your system.

Capture Screenshots of Just One Active Window

Press Alt + Print Screen PrntScr keys all together to capture screenshots of active window on screen. By hitting keyboard shortcut buttons, picture of one active window can be acquired.

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