Pencil Drawing Lessons Improve Paintings

Pencil Drawing Lessons Improve Paintings

In early times, oil painting artists use charcoal to draw the outlines of the subjects first before anything else. Then they use a brush to brush off the excess charcoal so the dust does not contaminate the painting. This act leaves a principle for the artist. Find out more details about drawing lessons Philippines at

Pencil Drawing Lessons Improve Paintings

Since a long time past, artists have employed using simple drawing methods to create quality paintings. Without a strong drawing base, many things could go wrong in the process, and the last end result might not be ideal. Let us take a look at what can go wrong.

To begin with, to paint a spontaneous drawing, artists are often encouraged to draw guidelines instead of just tracing over them. Tracing makes the painting seems mechanical and unnatural. Therefore, strong drawing skills are still required, although there are already guidelines to follow.

Having a solid foundation also allows the artist to fix anything on the drawing as they operate. That's since they're not only tracing liberally and are actually creating a new painting, guided by the present lines on the canvas.

All the artists know this, and they make sure they take the opportunity to construct a strong drawing base before moving on to more advanced painting or drawing methods.

When you consider drawing bases, what could be better for building a solid foundation than pen sketching? Rough pencil sketches are simple to create and trains the eyes and head to keep an eye out for errors in a drawing. The more the artist clinics, the better he becomes.

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